Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Launch of the Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Diffuser/Nebulizer

Here at Diffuser World we have been very busy preparing for the launch of our latest Essential Oil Diffuser, The Aroma-Ace Aromatherapy Diffuser.

Everyone from engineering to production and marketing is thrilled to see this 4 year project nearing completion. In fact I am so excited that I decided to start this Essential Oil Diffuser Blog just to talk about the Aroma-Ace and the many ways that it will change Aromatherapy forever.

I will begin by posting some information about the Aroma-Ace.

As we near the launch date I will keep you posted on how and where to get you own.

Here are some pictures and a list of features I look forward to hearing what you have to say so please dont't be shy.

The Aroma-Ace
Essential Oil Nebulizing System
Diffuser World
The World Leader in Aromatherapy

Introducing our NEWEST and MOST ADVANCED Nebulizing Diffuser System.
The Aroma-Ace is Diffuser Worlds NEW state of the art, professional quality Essential oil Nebulizer that is designed to easily and conveniently bring Spa Quality Aroma-Therapy to your home or office.
The Aroma-Ace is the first of a new generation of nebulizing diffusers engineered with patented space-age technology that utilizes the Bernoulli's Principle and Venturi Process to separate Essential Oil molecules into micro-fine droplets of less than 3 Microns (the size required to penetrate deep into the Olfactory System in your brain and enter the blood stream directly.)

NOTE: If you are heating or burning you oils, you are not getting ANY Therapeutic benefit other than the Aroma. Essential Oils are POWERFUL NATURAL COMPOUNDS and when inhaled as WHOLE molecules they will have profound psychological and physiological effects on the body.

This Amazingly powerful and compact Essential Oil Nebulizer is the most efficient and powerful Essential Oil Nebulizer EVER designed, with complete adjustability and built in ON time/OFF time controls that allow you to decide how long the unit will stay on AND how long it will stay off. (That’s Cool) With proper use of this feature you can conserve oils like never before while getting the FULL therapeutic benefit.
The revolutionary design of the Aroma-Ace brings the ancient art of Aromatherapy to the 21st Century in style. Never before seen innovations do honor the Art of Essential Oils and will raise the Science of Aromatherapy to NEW levels.

Destined for many years of service in Therapy Rooms, Homes, Offices, Spas and even the Laboratory, The Aroma-Ace is built in the USA from the highest quality parts and materials and backed by Diffuser Worlds 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
So whether you are buying one Aroma-Ace for your home or more for your Spa you can be confident that you have purchased the most advanced Nebulizing Diffuser System Available from an American company that is dedicated to the advancement of Aromatherapy. That’s WHY we are “The World leader in Aromatherapy”.


  • The Aroma-Ace is a compact one piece design that takes very little space
  • Durable construction and sturdy materials for a lifetime of service
  • Advanced Engineering utilizing the Bernoulli's Principle for perfect nebulization
  • Powerful, fully adjustable pump delivers over 5psi at maximum volume
  • Built in air filter cleans the air and keeps dust out
  • Dispenses a plume of vapor sufficient to cover an area of OVER 2000 sq. ft.
  • Directional Spout for precise delivery of micro-fine mist
  • Patented “Quick-Change” Nebulizer system makes changing oil a breeze by mounting the bottle directly to the Nebulizer returning any un-nebulized oil directly back to the bottle
  • Easy grip strip for ease of movement
  • Simple controls for easy operation by those of all ages
  • Tip resistant base for added safety
  • Extra long cord provides convenience